POLY - He Is.. [Vinyl]

POLY - He Is..  [Vinyl]

In our vibrant and eclectic world of music, where the turntable meets the synthesizer, my collaboration with GB a/k/a Giftedandblessed in 2004 stands as a testament to the formative years of our careers. It was in the humble confines of his garage in Costa Mesa where creativity knew no bounds – our sessions often filled with the rich sounds of an old Crumar Orchestrator synth, the mellow vibe of a Fender Rhodes, and the beat of old percussion instruments. Our days were punctuated by record hunting in local stores and sun gazing at sundown, pushing our limits to over 20 minutes. These days now brew nostalgia, and laid the foundation for what was to come.

At this juncture, WARP Records, a beacon in the international electronic scene, was set on breaking into the LA beat scene. They were scouting for local artists to sign. The opportunity knocked on our door, and we answered with this seminal record and a collection of other demos. The decision boiled down to us and Flying Lotus. WARP Records, admitted that they liked our sound more, but caught in the intricacies of storytelling in music marketing, ultimately chose Flying Lotus – his familial ties with Alice Coltrane presenting a narrative they couldn’t resist. I do appreciate they were forthcoming with their reasoning, but their decision was a reflection of the industry's complexities, a profound lesson for us young artists: it’s often about the connections, the story behind the artist, not just the art itself.

This revelation was a stark reminder of how the world, where clout equates to currency, operates.

Of the 75 original pressings of this record, only one remains – a rare piece of history from a time when two artists chose the beat of their own drum over the allure of the spotlight.