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Innovations and Contributions

Here are a few of my technical contributions over the years.

  • Invented the Vestax Controller One, the first turntable for playing musical notes. Learn more
  • Produced first scratch record tool, Utility Phonograph Record for scratch music, that introduced the "Ultra Pitch", and the ubiquitous vocal sample "Cut It Up Fresh"
  • Pioneered crossfader cut-in time used in all modern DJ mixers & faders
  • First to integrate Digital Vinyl Systems (Serato) with controllers via Quickswitch, developed by Joe Ward, to develop a new DJ style that incorporated production techniques and live scratching
  • First to develop DJ controller layouts used by most modern DJ mixers

Musical Achievements

I have built an extensive catalog spanning multiple genres and produced a myriad of seminal recordings over the years.

  • Produced Scetchbook album with Mike Boo, one of the first two entirely scratched albums to introduce "Scratch Music". It was recognized by PBS/KQED as one of the top 13 turntablism albums. Read more
  • One of the pioneers of original Dubstep & Beat Scenes Read more
  • First to create a song entirely from scratch with a rapper (Ghostface Killah)
  • First to create a song entirely from scratch with a singer (RUCKAZOID), as a 1 of 1 picture record priced at $20,000
  • First to produce a jazz record entirely with and around the turntable entitled FUGA
  • Developed a revolutionary BeatDiscovery VST sequencer which increased workflow using Ai like output, but with human input data

Current Endeavors

  • Managed as a producer by NO I.D.'s ARTIUM Recordings
  • Serving the scratch DJ community with elite level contributions
  • Building a new music streaming service for creators