My mixing and mastering expertise is designed to amplify your music, ensuring it stands out in a crowded soundscape. Contact me for availability.

I provide:

    • Unmatched Expertise: I bring years of experience and a finely tuned ear to every project.
    • Specialty in Sample Based Music: Mixing & mastering sample based music is an elusive task even for the most experienced engineers. I'll ensure that your tracks retain their rawness, clarity, and balance while enhancing them to perfection.
    • Competitive Pricing: $250/per track (mix or master)

What to expect

    • A meticulous and detailed approach to your tracks
    • Preserving your unique sound while enhancing it.
    • Quick turnarounds

Availability, pricing, and the nature of each request are considered to ensure that every event resonates with my artistic vision. I approach every engagement with the highest level of professionalism, and I'm genuinely appreciative for every offer and open to considering each opportunity.

I can provide:

    • DJ Sets: If you're in search of a traditional DJ to simply play a setlist, it's worth noting that my approach leans towards crafting unique, creative showcases.
    • Beat Sets: Elite live beat sets with exclusives and wild new sounds - real GOAT level producer at your event. Top Rankin'
    • Production/Collaborations: I offer my expertise for production and artist collaborations. I can facilitate a dynamic environment, or operate quietly in the back, putting magic on your session to produce something extraordinary.
    • Educational Engagements: I'm available for workshops, seminars, or speaking engagements to share my wealth of knowledge and experience.